Friday Favorites​: Weekly Round-Up August 9th

It’s Fri-YAY!

Confession time- lately, I haven’t been a very exciting person.  Sure, we moved to this incredible new area in Orlando back in March and are doing more exploring than ever before, but I’m still a homebody at heart.

I like writing on my couch in my PJ’s.

I like not having to wear a bra or brush my hair.

But, about a month ago I set a goal for myself to get out more and do more things.  Even though it takes a rocket launcher to get me out there, once I’m interacting and having fun I’m in my element and remember how much I love being adventurous.

These Friday recaps are not only fun to write, but they’re also keeping me honest.  When I’m having a lazy Thursday, and I realize that I’ve only done four really awesome things so far this week, it’s the jump start I need to put on actual pants (or at least put underpants under my leggings) and get out of the house and go exploring.

This week has been particularly awesome.  Not only did I score a sweet sale (on one of my most favorite things in the world, WINE), but I also made a new friend and got to participate in a fitness photo shoot with my favorite up and coming brand.

Here’s the recap.

Fresh Market Wine Sale


My momma raised me to be a bargain shopper, but there are a few items on which I just won’t spare any expense.

Coffee, cosmetics,  workout clothes, and wine, in case you’re curious.

There are good reasons for all of them.  Cheap coffee tastes like, well, cheap coffee.  Inexpensive cosmetics make my skin look like I’m going through puberty all over again.  Workout clothes, especially leggings, that aren’t well-made are a see-thru disaster waiting to happen.

And although I’m not opposed to an affordable bottle of wine, I always drink what I like and never “the cheap stuff” because I value both my taste buds and my colon equally.

Because booze doesn’t often go on sale and my favorite bottles are in the $20 range, I set a weekly budget to buy a bottle or two of stuff I really love to enjoy a glass or two when I want it.

Imagine my surprise when I popped over to Fresh Market on Sunday for sushi and saw a sign advertising not only $10 off any $50 purchase (that’s 20% off kittens) but an additional 10% off if you buy in bulk.

Not only that, but the Gravely Ford brand was two for $14.  Those are usually bottles in the $12 range, and I already know that I enjoy their red blend quite a bit.

You guys, I stocked my entire wine fridge for just over $100.  And yes, the cashier was SUPER cool and let me do it as two transactions so that I could save the $10 twice!

Now I have 15 bottles just chillin’ for whenever I want them, and a few are ones I haven’t tried before.  Man am I excited!

Workouts with Friends

It’s hard to get a post-workout selfie where we don’t look just awful. I mean, Becky looks perfect, but I look like she made me sweat!

Since I’ve already given you one confession today, here’s another.

Making friends as a grown-up is hard.

I have no problem making connections and interacting with people online, and my comfort zone is via text or social media.  But like all people, I also appreciate human contact.

Well, a few weeks ago a met a gal named Becky at a networking event and totally loved her energy and spirit.  We connected online, and just this week she asked me to participate in a photo shoot for her up and coming fitness brand, Movéo Fit Co. (More on that later).

I agreed, of course, and also offered up space in my gorgeous apartment community because we have a beautiful fitness center and yoga garden that were perfect for the shoot.

She agreed, but wanted to see the space first and offered to come by and do a workout together so she could check it out.

Becky ended up loving the locale, and we did a sweaty shoulder session together that kicked my butt in the best possible way.

There’s something about sweating together that bonds ya, and I definitely feel like I have a new friend after that fun workout.  Win/win!

Movéo Fit Co Mats

A sneak peek of the 10 different designs.

Okay, so about that up and coming fitness brand that I keep talking about- please allow me to introduce you to the awesomeness that is Movéo Fit Co.

This fitness start-up is launching in just a few weeks with a line of incredibly high-quality, durable, unique yoga mats that I am absolutely obsessed with.

I got to see each design in person on Thursday, and they are even better than they look in photographs.

Not only are they beautiful and vibrant, but the quality on these is practically indescribable.  They’re made from non-toxic, natural materials and designed to be durable enough to stand up to outdoor workouts, studio sessions, and everything in between.

The mats have a non-slip bottom, so they stay where they’re supposed to on every surface.  We tested them on wood, concrete, and grass and they didn’t move an inch!

They are topped with a luxe absorbent material that gives you more grip the more you sweat.

If you’re like me and have to put a towel on top of your yoga mat so that it doesn’t turn into a slip and slide, you’ll love these.  No towel required, and your hands and feet stay put no matter how much sweat you’re dripping on the mat.

The website will launch very soon, and so will pre-orders, so keep an eye out.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the best part!  You know how most luxury yoga mats with beautiful graphic designs sell for $100 or more?  Well, these are priced at less than $70.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get at least four because I can’t pick just one that’s my favorite.

Fitness Photoshoot


As a fitness blogger and influencer, there are few things more exciting than when a brand reaches out and asks you to be part of a photo shoot.

When Becky at Movéo Fit Co. contacted me earlier this week, I knew I wanted to make it happen.

I’m already in love with her products.  And her company mission statement speaks to me on so many levels.

Be Bold.  Be Unique.  Be You.

The shoot itself was a half-day on Thursday where we did a portion outdoors and some in-studio where we showcased the mats as both models and class participants doing a variety of poses.

IMG_0807 (1)
Jessica getting her up-dog on.

Not only was it a fun time, but it was an awesome glimpse into what all goes into a fitness photoshoot.

Our photographer, Tyler Soden, is an accomplished artist who has worked with loads of athletes and gave us tons of feedback to get just the right shot.  He even brought out a drone to capture our Warrior’s and Child’s Poses from above.

I loved every minute, except maybe the one where we were in a deep Warrior 2, and Tyler kept telling us to “hold it” until my quad started screaming at me.

But, apparently, that’s the life of a fitness model.


Six inches off the top. Love this haircut!

I’m terrible about getting regular haircuts, and sometimes that means I need to do a big chop because I have too much unhealthy hair.

This time around, that’s definitely where I found myself.  Luckily, I both love and trust my stylist, and when I told her I wanted to chop off six inches, she went with it.

I ended up with this glorious long bob with gentle layers that looks perfect both curly and straight.  I’m obsessed!

I don’t doll up often, but I bet that with significantly less hair to dry, I’ll do it up in something other than a ponytail more often.

Your Turn

Tell me something you loved about your week.

Do you do yoga?  What kind of mat do you use?

Have you ever had a big change in hairstyle?  


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